Hydrostatic pressure testing & pneumatic testing

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Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Testing

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing (Hydro Test)  is one of the methods used for testing the quality of tubular pipe systems. Techenomics is also able to test pressure vessels that require a higher level of quality control and technical competence.

Techenomics’ procedures for hydrotesting are in accordance with ASME, API and other International Requirements, and applied under appropriate yield strength of material or 1.3 MAOP.

Techenomics provides services in  Hydrostatic & Pneumatic testing utilising the following equipment;

  1. Barton Chart Recorder( Calibrated ).
  • ü  BCR        500 psi….2 unit.
  • ü  BCR     1.000 psi….1 unit.
  • ü  BCR     5.000 psi….1 unit.
  • ü  BCR   10.000 psi….1 unit.
  1. Potable Water Filling Pump.
  2. High Pressure water pump ( up to 20.000 psi ).
  3. Potable Manifold.
  4. Water Filtration.
  5. Calibrated Pressure Gauge.
  6. Hydrotest  pakage skid.


Techenomics is qualified to conduct both hydrotesting and pneumatic testing in Oil & GAS, EPCI, Pipeline, Fixed & Power plant, Marine and offshore installations.

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